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Propel Multipurpose CB94



Type Flat, Incline & Decline Bench
GW/NW 18.5 x 17 Kgs
Assembly Size 145 x 51 x 48 cm 


An abdominal board is an effective way to target your midsection. An abdomen bench is a simple piece of fitness equipment for doing advanced abdominal exercises. It can be used to perform various styles of crunches. An abdominal bench resembles a small, decline weight bench. At the top end of the bench are pads to hold your feet in place. The abdominal benches are adjustable. The steeper the decline, the more difficult the crunch. It can be used to work the entire midsection including the rectus abdominus - the main abdominal muscle, and the obliques - the side abs. Abdominal Crunches, Back Extension, Dumbbell Pullover (Lats/Chest), Dumbbell Overhead TRI Extension (Triceps), Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press, Dumbbell Preacher Curl (Biceps) and Dumbbell One Arm Row (Lats / Upper Back) are some of the exercises that you can do with multipurpose bench. Note : Dumbbells are not part of this product. 

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