Why Propel Fitness

We equip you completely for Fitness At Home

Equipment + Free Personal Training

Treadmills, multigyms, exercise bikes, and a wide range of the world’s finest fitness equipment & gear are now available at value prices that only FitnessOne Group - India’s largest fitness facilitator can offer.

Fitness at Home needs your commitment

Setting up exercise equipment at home is an incredible investment in your good health. The right mix of equipment, backed with limited sessions of personal training and scientific diet plans, will transform your life – for the better!

Free Personal training to help you meet your fitness goals

Personal training is goal-oriented, and provides you with the high energy motivation you need. Actos, Celebrities, athletes across the world, achieve their fitness goal under the guidance a personal trainer.

One-on-one personal training (limited sessions) is now available to you, and at no extra cost, on select Equipments. Personal training session is based on the availability of Fitness Trainers and is on appointment basis only.

A Free Diet Consultation to improve your eating habits

Combating stress or boredom with unhealthy comfort food is a time honoured tradition we must break. A healthy diet is one of the most important ways to maintain an active lifestyle. Healthy eating increases energy and builds immunity while keeping weight gain at bay. Your diet matters. And remember to drink lots of water !

Quick tips for healthy eating : Don’t skip meals; learn simple ways to prepare food; avoid eating more sugar; stop eating when you’re full !

A combination of regular exercise along with propel diet will help you to lose weight effectively. That’s why we are offering FREE DIET consultation for every fitness equipment purchase. Currently this is available for online purchases only.

Free home gym planning advisory

Our fitness experts will help you plan your ideal home gym, taking into account three critical factors : Your personal fitness goals, the space available, and your budget.

Clients Column

Aravind Kumar, Chennai City Police - Armed Reserve

I went to Propel Fitness store to buy a treadmill. But after knowing the benefits and details explanation given by the executive at Propel Fitness Store I decided to buy a bench press as well. As promised they guided me with a workout schedule and I could see lot of change in my flexibility. I am very happy and I will definitely push my friends to give importance to health and recommend Propel Fitness to them.

T.Kandaswamy, Director, Southern Alloy Foundries.

In the recent times, I have never been regular to the gym on account of my work schedules and travel. So bought a treadmill and cross trainer from Propel Fitness to set up a small gym at home. With these fitness equipments at home, I manage to exercise at least 4 - 5 times week and I feel really fit and energetic. The good part is both my father and mother are using the treadmill regularly and they really enjoy the exercise.

Clients Column

Shailesh Bhan, Fund Manager, Reliance Mutual Fund

I use "Propel" Cross trainer. The fitness workout which I can achieve in 30 minutes is amazing. The cross Trainer is complete stamina building & no injury answer to fitness. Propel cross trainer is a total body workout equipment when compared to treadmill.

Shoukath Sherif, MD Sherif Express

In the last 6 months I have been using "PROPEL" Fitness Equipments and they are world class. Initially my family members preferred going to gym. But now all are started using it regularly. It has become an important member in our family

Parameswaran, Assistant Executive Engineer, TNEB

Being a diabetic, doctor advised me regular exercise, work demanded more of my time & energy and I looked for lame excuses to avoid going out; then came in Propel Treadmill into my life which balanced all of these to keep me fit. enjoy it - It is an investment not an expenditure.

Mr.Chenni, Founder, Technomoulds

Taking a walk in the busy streets of Triplicane is getting close to impossible, l then decided to buy a propel treadmill. Now this purchase has brought fitness to my body and tranquility to my soul. Really enjoy the experience.

Thulasiraman, Manager, CSC Computers

I wish to record the feedback of your staff at Propel Fitness store, Valasaravakkam. He was very courteous and kept following with us and encouraged us to buy a tread mill. During the sale, he helped us by facilitating the loan very quickly and made delivery of machine at promised time. I really appreciate your team’s service.

Aswath Kumar, Valsaravakkam, Chennai.

I have been working out everyday with my new HT 60i treadmill and I am highly satisfied with the results. Everyday I used to workout for about an hour and I burn upto 300 calories.I find no fault with the equipment and I am very satisfied. I feel happy that FitnessOne people are touch with me regularly through healthy tips SMS and email.

smail Shareef, Hyderabad.

I am very happy with the Propel equipment HT-66 Treadmill, and almost I lost 3kgs in one month.

Miss Subramaniam

I am impressed with Propel product range and service of showroom guys. I can see lot of improvement in my health with the help of Propel Fitness Elliptical Equipment HX 77i.

Mr. Sitaram, Hyderabad.

Propel Fitness equipment, Treadmill PT 81 is amazing. I like it very much and I workout atleast 45 minutes every morning. No complaints, Thanks to Propel Fitness.

Amiruddin Hassonjee, Hyderabad.

Both myself and my daughter workout regularly and we don’t find any issues. We are very happy for choosing Propel Fitness Equipment Treadmill HT 55i and HT 67.