FPO - Fitness Process Outsourcing

Commercial Fitness Equipment's from Propel Fitness

The FitnessOne Fitness Process Outsourcing (FPO) Plan helps large ITES companies, healthcare majors, consultancies, and a host of other corporates, set up their own fitness centres.
Corporates, IT Parks, Residential Projects, Hotels, Clubs, Gyms, and Educational Institutions have long established that it pays to invest in a scientific, well managed fitness centre.
If you’re considering setting up a fitness centre, you’re making a unique investment in people’s health. They’ll thank you for it. And it will show in healthy profits !
Higher productivity. Alertness up 47%. Improved job attitude. Some of the proven benefits of a healthy work force.
Research shows that a fit corporate workforce improves productivity, reduces errors, increases retention, reduces absenteeism, and fights rising healthcare costs.
Which is why an increasing number of companies across the world, are committing time and resources to initiating a fitness culture, at the work place.

Why FitnessOne?

  • Managing 66 retail and corporate fitness centres
  • The world’s best fitness equipment, at value prices
  • Being a neutral vendor, clients get to select from leading brands
  • Personal training and customised fitness plans
  • Total fitness solution

Our FPO division helps ITES companies, healthcare majors, consultancies, and a hostof other institutions build well utilized fitness facilities!


Expertise MattersOur FPO team will help you plan the optimal fitness centre to suit the size of your facility, as well as your budget.
Our equipment procurement rates tend to be 15 – 20% lower than market or direct-from-manufacturer rates.
As a large buyer and user of such equipment at our own and franchisee-run centres, we are in a unique position to advise on equipment reliability and how it performs under usage conditions.
Beware hard sell from quick- fix suppliers posing as fitness solutions providers, who often provide inappropriate equipment for home, light and full commercial applications.
Your centre needs sturdy equipment that can withstand the rigours of use, without frequent maintenance and downtime.
We develop customised fitness plans, and our personal trainers, nutritionists motivate members of your fitness centre to meet personal fitness goals.
Personalised exercise plans include circuit training, and a set of group exercises to choose from depending on personal preferences.
The FitnessOne Priority Plan involves personal trainers assigned to select priority guests at hotels.
The FitnessOne Boardroom Plan involves personal trainers assigned to select senior executives.

Is there a way to get a better idea of the investment required in your fitness centre, BEFORE you make ANY commitment ?
Call FitnessOne today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Fitness Centre Development Assessment Study.
We’ll walk you through usage metrics, typical ROI models, design parameters, and all you need to know to help you take an informed decision.

FitnessOne FPO services

  • Design services
  • Equipment procurement /installation / maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • Corporate Wellness Management :
  • Fitness education programmes
  • Yoga, Aerobics
  • Cardio, Strength
  • Nutrition, Physiotherapy
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal Training