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Know About Resistance Training

January 02, 2016 1 Comment

Know About Resistance Training


Weights aren't just for heavy lifters

Gone are the days when muscle-heads ruled the free-weights. No matter who you are, you need strong muscles. Building strong muscles help you burn fat, increase your metabolism and maintain healthy bones. Even minimal weight training can bring about positive changes and you can keep your workouts interesting by using all types of resistance training that includes free weights, machines, exercise balls etc.

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July 04, 2020

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William StaubWilliam Edward Staub was an American mechanical engineer who invented and developed the first consumer treadmill for home use, the PaceMaster 600, during the late 1960s. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, who helped to popularize Staub's invention, has described Staub as "a pioneer in exercise — not for the athlete, but for the masses.“ 

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Don't we all like to pass the buck? When do we accept that a negative result was due to our fault? We like to think that we were tricked or tripped by others. The same is often true of health matters, especially body weight!

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