Excuse me for starting out on this topic which is close to every one of us. What a lovely word excuse is, just like sorry.
Pandit Nehru was supposed to have said, “I am not interested in excuses, only in work done”. I have often quoted this when it has suited me, especially with my students. But, honestly, sometimes I say it to myself too!!
Coming to think of it, you need to be very creative to find or make up excuses. They should be absolutely convincing, and if you notice making minor changes to the word, then convincing can easily become conning?!
That's why genuine excuses have lost their credibility. OK, now let's come to what excuses I am going to deal with . Since I am in the health arena, I am considering excuses in food and exercise areas.

Excuses for not exercising

  • No time

  • Too busy

  • Have to take care of family

  • Can't afford it

  • Can't get up early, I sleep late

  • Everybody in the family uses the treadmill when I want it

  • Does anybody know how much work I'm doing, and you want me to exercise?

  • I don't want to develop muscles

  • I've done it many times and it hasn't helped one bit

  • At my age, I can't start now.

  • It's so boring

Your own unique excuse!

Should there be excuses for over exercising? I'm not too sure. May be they want the 6 or 8 packs and / or the size 0!

There may be a few fitness enthusiasts who may exercise too much. Even if they have their own reasons, they should watch out for injuries and for overdoing on the food and exercise front.

So, what's your excuse today?


The author is Dean, Academy of Fitness Management, Chennai