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You Are What You Eat

July 31, 2015

Have you ever thought about the importance of food in building your body? Perhaps a million times! But here is what you should be thinking about – how the kind of food you choose to eat determines your character and mental well-being. So, what you eat could change your life, quite literally too!

Speaking of change, it is common understanding that change is constant. Over the generations, mankind has undergone vast changes in every aspect of life – food, fashion, lifestyle, technology, work etc. Existing in a fast paced world today, many of us have failed to keep up with changing trends. Here is some food for thought.

As technology has grown overwhelmingly in significance, it has taken over many of our lives. It has not made our way of life sophisticated, but has evolved to become an indispensible part of our lives. Moreover, due to economic and sociological transformations, the primitive Indian society has undergone a sea of change. A natural consequence has been the growing tendency of leading a sedentary lifestyle characterized by physical inactivity.

Only a few years ago, a sudden wake-up call arrived in the form of growing number of deaths resulting from lifestyle diseases and health hazards. And today, almost every one of us is paying close attention to our health and words such as ‘fitness’, ‘weight-training’, ‘work-out ‘ etc. could be imported. This increased awareness about the need for a balanced diet with all vital nutrients. But on the other hand, a series of fast food chains opened up in many cities and towns, mainly serving unhealthy high-calorie food. This in turn led to the consumption of more processed and packaged foods. Having won India’s youth appeal, the industry is booming. Disappointingly though, it doesn’t satiate the nutrition needs of the body.

It is not only our food habits that have changed, but also our way of work and life. Prior to the advent of technology, most work was in the form of manual labour that ensured high levels of physical activity. Even household chores involved dexterity. This kept diseases at bay as people led a long and healthy life. With rising desk-based jobs and innovation of gadgets for work and entertainment, the threat of harmful diseases has caused apprehensions on the minds of people. Cases of diseases occurring at a very young age have gripped many in fear.

Although many people are skeptical about changing their diet as they have gotten accustomed to a particular pattern, it is important to be robust. Changes in diet must not only keep up with changing lifestyle, but also complement the natural ageing process. During infancy and childhood, parents must focus on providing food rich in calcium, iron, proteins and vitamins. In adolescence and adulthood, it is important to keep a check on consumption of junk food and alcohol; and substitute it with fresh foods. Beyond 40, one must consume more fiber-rich food and whole-grain products. Regular health checks ups are also important. The most holistic approach to health is to consume a balanced diet comprising of all essential nutrients in their right proportions. This will not only ensure adequate energy for day-to-day activities, but also build immune system. It helps to maintain the right body mass and moderate weight gain. The first step is to understand what a ‘balanced diet’ encompasses and attempt to make a few changes.

Making a few simple changes can go a long way in improving the quality of your life. A healthy way of life can become a habit with dedicated attention. Act now to become a champion of your body, heart and mind – just make the right choices to redefine and rejuvenate yourself. Simply because, you are what you eat!

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