Propel Ab Exerciser

December 25, 2015

Propel Ab Exerciser

Know About Propel AB Exerciser. Find out why it is a superior product when compared with other AB Exerciser.Original AB Exerciser - Blast Your Belly Off

Everyone wants an answer to ‘How to get rid of their excess belly fat’? But it is not easy! Sit-ups / Crunches can be daunting, laborious and boring.

A combination of exercise, diet and moderate sleep will you to embrace a healthy lifestyle and thereby you start burning the excess fat in your body.

To make people burn fat much easier and healthy way, FitnessOne has introduced Propel Ab Exerciser and this has become the best selling Ab Exerciser in online market. For people with a larger belly, doing such traditional exercise is virtually difficult doing alone. Propel Ab Exerciser makes it easy for even bulky people. This equipment is to tone your muscle and it is basically resistance training equipment. We recommend people to go for a 20 minutes cardio exercise or at least a brisk walk for warm-up and then workout for about 20-50 repetitions in this equipment, at least on alternate days to have a good impact. You will start seeing visible difference in measurable results in 1-2 months.

About Propel Ab Exerciser

Blast off your belly with Propel Ab Exerciser. It is also known as 10-in-1 Mini Home gym. You can do Ab Crunch, Oblique Twist, Bicep Curl, Chest Press, Leg Extension, Lateral Raise, Push Ups, Stretch Exercise. An ideal workout using Mini Home-Gym should be 10-15 minutes per day

India's Most Popular AB Exerciser

Propel AB Exerciser Vs Other AB Exercisers

Propel Ab exerciser is from FitnessOne - South India’s leading Fitness Company. We manage 50+ Fitness Centres, 150+ Corporates’ fitness centres and with over 12+ years of real time experience in fitness industry we have done lot of research in order to provide a quality ab exerciser to the Indian population. 225+ Customer reviews talks about the quality of Propel Ab Exerciser.

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for strengthening your upper, lower and middle abdominals
  • Space saving and economical
  • Total support for your neck and back while exercising
  • The backrest can be adjusted upto 3 tilting positions or different levels of workout
  • The cross bar is adjustable upto 3 levels to meet user’s comfort
  • Strong central handle to perform push ups
  • Chest expander for upper body exercises
  • Seat can be rotated 360* - a perfect workout for oblique muscles
  • 3- levels of intensity

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Know About Abdominal Crunch Exercise

Abdominal crunch targets your abdominal muscles located in your stomach area. Abdominal crunch exercise will strengthen your core. A strong core alleviates stress on your lower back and hips while improving your posture and overall fitness.

Abdominal crunch exercise is a good way to lose weight but in a combination with a healthy diet and cardio activity, it can be helpful in tightening your muscles and loose skin as you work to lose weight.

Based on our experience and study we suggest that 50 abdominal crunches should be the optimal goal. Beginners can break 50 crunches into 2 or 3 sets.

Abdominal crunch exercises do offer a lot to your overall health. It can help you to improve your posture, alleviate backaches and tighten loose muscles.

Propel Ab Exerciser is ideal fitness equipment to do Ab Crunch, Oblique Crunch and Reverse Ab Crunch.

Propel Ab Exerciser is customised to Indian Population. Larger Space, Comfortable seating makes propel ab exerciser better than other ab exercisers

We have ensured product dimension is customized to the Indian population. Sitting posture is important while using Ab exerciser and we have got it right. You can comfortably rest your neck and knees on the Propel Ab Exerciser while working out. You can also adjust neck-rest according to your height. We have ensured that the length of the rope is ideal for doing seated biceps, chest press, chest expansion etc. The overall dimension of Propel Ab Exerciser is 15-20% more than the typical kind of Ab Exercisers available in the market.

Propel AB Exerciser is made of Robotic Machine Weilding

And to give sturdiness to the machine, we have used robotic machine for wielding unlike the typical easy method of conventional wielding.

Propel AB Exerciser has got 3 levels of intensity

Propel Ab Exerciser has got 3 levels of resistance, unlike the typical Ab Exercisers available in the market which have got only one level.

Springs are made of high manganese steel to give long lasting resistance

Springs are made of high manganese steel to give long lasting resistance. It will last for more 1 lakh stretches without any problem. You will not see the spring warping, and if at all for some reason this happens for any unexpected manufacturing defect, we will replace it for you.

Customer Review

AB Exercier Reviews

Buy online at Propel AB Exerciser in  Propel AB Exerciser in FitnessOne StorePropel AB Exerciser in paytm.inPropel AB Exerciser in

To Know more about this product please don't hesitate to speak to our fitness expert at 9790940307






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