Workout On Elliptical Trainers - Burn Calories 2x Times. Find out How?                       Elliptical / Cross trainers were first introduced into gyms in the mid 1990s and since that time they have become more and more popular – and with good reason...

When shopping for exercise equipment, should it be an elliptical trainer or a treadmill is a common dilemma. Both can give you a good cardiovascular workout and help you burn calories. There are distinct advantages to an elliptical trainer, however, that lead many people to choose an elliptical machine for their home. We’ve taken the time to compare the features of both to help you determine which is right for you. Click here to choose your ideal Elliptical / Cross Trainer. 

More Results For Your Effort 

Remember that song, “Walking in the Air”, from The Snowman, the 1982 animation flick? You will probably want that on your Mobile if you are getting an elliptical Trainer, because that’s how it feels working out on these machines – like you are walking on air.

Traditional treadmills are great for full cardio workouts, but the effort they suck out of you makes some balk at the sheer effort. With elliptical trainers, you burn more calories with the same effort, or burn at your current level with less effort. You look forward to your regimen more than ever.

Studies have shown that you can work harder and expend more energy on an elliptical machine (especially those with arm poles) without feeling tired – you actually feel like you are doing less. You burn more calories but you think you have done less work –excellent!

Get More Parts Of The Body To Work

Abs, butt and legs – those are the areas that work for you when you go for cardio on traditional treadmills, right? On elliptical trainers, you would also get your upper body into direct action. This happens through inclusion of movable handlebars that work in tandem with the elliptical motion of your legs.

There’s more. Use the “Reverse Motion” feature to work out a completely different area of leg muscles while gliding in reverse – something you’d never try on a treadmill.

The result is a more complete workout. You not only tone your arms and work you shoulder and back muscles, you also increase the cardiovascular workout in a set amount of time.

Greater Safety And Comfort

It helps when you are better matched with your partner, right? What applies in life also works while exercising.

Traditional equipment are all built to great safety and design standards, but they move at their own speed, and you need to adjust when getting on or off if you want to avoid nasty injuries from falls. You need to walk or run at the machine’s pace, and your stop depends on the machine.

Elliptical / Cross machines are designed so that they never operate without you actually providing the power – when you stop, the machine stops, so you won’t get caught on the foot pedals or stumble at any time. You will also be determining the speed – the elliptical trainer will speed up or slow down to match you.

Then there is elimination of the jarring effect that you normally feel as you put the pressure of twice your body weight on your knees and ankles each time your foot hits the normal treadmill. Your foot never leaves the pedal on an elliptical, so the question of such an impact does not arise. Work out without worrying about pounding and grinding your joints. Click here to choose your ideal Elliptical / Cross Trainer.

Ellipticals Need Fewer Repairs

Guess what? You need to replace belts on your exercise machine, leading to repair headaches? When belts are part of its in the first place – elliptical / Cross trainers don’t need the belts that traditional treadmills do. This spells less maintenance. A smaller footprint helps as well – you can put the elliptical almost anywhere in your home with ease.

Choose your ideal Cross Trainer & Burn Calories 2x Times

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